For Children, Adolescents and Adults Working or Studying at Home
Why is this service so important right now?
COVID-19 has put great demands on everyone, from children to adults. Mandates for physical distancing now mean working from home. School closures now mean parents teaching their kids while holding down jobs. Campus shut-downs now mean young adults returning home and learning on-line.
Is adapting to COVID-19 even more difficult with ADD or ADHD?
Yes. This is a stressful time for everyone. To get through it, we need to adapt quickly. But finding ways to function effectively when structures and routines have been stripped away will be even more difficult for those with ADD or ADHD. With any type of Attention Deficit Disorder, working from home will be difficult, on-line learning will be difficult, parenting will be difficult—especially with children and teens who also have challenges coping without school structure.
How can ADD/ADHD treatment be optimized, especially during COVID-19?
In all the upheaval, treating ADD/ADHD effectively is critically important. The gold standard for ADD/ADHD treatment is combined therapy that includes medication; for example, medication plus executive function coaching, or medication plus Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

No matter the combination, medication treatment is an important part of boosting frontal lobe functioning in brains with ADD/ADHD. With the right medication at the right dose, brains with ADD/ADHD can focus more, can persist more, can plan more, and ultimately just do better!

During COVID-19, it’s critical that individuals with ADD/ADHD have access to the right medications at the right dose. Extra support services may be necessary, but optimizing brain function with effective medication treatment is an important foundation for functioning with ADD/ADHD—especially in times of extraordinary stress and demands for flexible problem-solving.

    How can I make sure the ADD/ADHD medication I’m on—or my child is on—is working the best it can?
    If you, your child, or your teen has already been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and is on medication, an ADD/ADHD MEDICATION OPTIMIZATION CONSULTATION is recommended. The consultation consists of two sessions. First, attention testing will be done with a psychometrist under the supervision of a psychologist. Standardized questionnaires will also be administered to assess cognitive and attention functioning. Next, you will meet with the psychiatrist who will review the testing results and questionnaire ratings, medication history, and current functioning. Both sessions will occur over secure video connections available from the safety, convenience and privacy of your home.
    What happens after the testing and psychiatry appointment?
    The psychiatrist may recommend a different medication and/or a different dose to help improve functioning following the appointments. Medication follow-up would happen in consultation with your family doctor or paediatrician.
    If a doctor has already prescribed a certain medication at a certain dose, why change it?
    Nothing in life stays the same. Brains grow. Bodies change. Demands change, too. Kids are expected to do more at school, to organize themselves at university, to work independently at a job. And in COVID-19, we are all being asked to change how we do things in ways we never imagined! ADHD is a moving target, too. It’s affected by all the factors around it—including demands to work or learn from home! That means medications always need to be tailored to the current situation to ensure best results. There are always new medications for ADHD coming out. You or your child might benefit from learning about new and improved possibilities.
    If I’ve already been diagnosed with ADHD—or my child has—and medication was never tried, can I still sign up for a consultation and get started on medication?
    Yes! If you provide us with documentation of a diagnosis within the past 2 years (a psychoeducational report that diagnosed ADD/ADHD is required), this consultation can help you take the next step. If you’ve already been diagnosed by our clinic in the past, and do not need a full diagnostic assessment, but want to look at current functioning and optimize medications, then this option is also suitable. During the session with the psychiatrist, we can discuss the pros and cons of medications and other non-medication treatments. If you decide to start medication, we can send a plan to your referring physician with the recommended dosing.
    What if I think ADD or ADHD might explain the challenges I’m having—or the challenges I’m seeing with my child—but I’ve never considered testing?
    In this case, this consultation is not right for you. Diagnosing ADD or ADHD is complicated, and we want to make sure we get it right. I’m sure you want that, too! So we offer a Comprehensive ADD/ADHD Diagnostic Assessment with a Multidisciplinary Team. Our team assessment includes direct testing of attention and cognitive functioning with a psychometrist as well as assessment sessions with clinicians from psychiatry and psychology.
    Is that all that can be done to optimize ADD/ADHD treatment?
    No. Medication is only part of a successful treatment plan for ADD/ADHD. You, your child or teen may also benefit from therapies that the psychiatrist can suggest to you in addition to medication. Interventions offered at Possibilities include executive functioning and self-regulation therapies for children and adults, specialized tutoring, memory strategy training, and individual and family therapies for anxiety and mood issues that often go hand-in-hand with ADHD.
    How much does this consultation cost?
    The cost for our ADD/ADHD Medication Optimization Consultation is $765. This is often covered by private insurance plans. Post-secondary students may be eligible for an OSAP bursary.
    If I don’t live in the Greater Toronto Area, do I need to come into the city for the appointments?
    No. All our appointments can be conducted throughout Ontario over secure video sessions. We can also conduct direct testing of attention and cognitive functioning over the internet. If you have a computer and a high-speed internet connection, all your appointments and testing can be done from the safety, comfort, and privacy of your home. Our clinic has worked with clients from all over Ontario – Kingston to Windsor, Oakville to London, Waterloo to Ottawa, North Bay to Thunder Bay – anywhere with an Internet connection.
    If I don’t live in Ontario, can I still receive this service?
    Unfortunately, at this time, all our physicians and psychologists are only licensed to see people within Ontario. We may be able to change this in the future, so stay tuned!
    Do I need a doctor’s referral to start the assessment?
    Yes. A specialized physician is involved in all of our assessments, so a doctor’s referral is required. If you are unable to access your physician during COVID-19, please contact our office for possible options.
    How do I get started?
    Fill out the intake forms on our website at for children and for adults. Once we have this form and the physician referral, our office will call you to set up an appointment.

    For any questions, email us at or call 1-833-482-5558 to speak to one of our Clinical Coordinators.