At Possibilities we are proud to offer comprehensive assessments and scientifically-proven treatments to support attention, learning and mental health. COVID-19 has turned all of our lives upside down, but some things haven’t changed. 

Our Signature Assessments will always look at more than just attention, or learning, or mental health alone. That won’t change. In fact, our Signature Assessments are a combination of an ADD/ADHD Assessment, a Mental Health Assessment, and a Learning Disability/Psychoeducational Assessment all rolled into one. All our assessments are done by a Multidisciplinary Team that includes psychiatrists, psychometrists and psychologists with expertise in a range of diagnoses and treatments. 

If you’re familiar with the concept of a Psych-Ed, or a Psychoeducational Assessment, then you can think of our Signature Assessments as Psych-Ed MD assessments, or Psych-Ed Plus assessments. Why? Because a psychiatrist is always part of the Assessment Team—and that means attention and mental health will also be examined, in depth, in addition to the learning needs assessed by a psychologist. Attention, mental health and learning needs often go together. It’s essential to examine all of them so nothing gets missed.

COVID-19 means some changes to testing, but we can still get started!

COVID-19 has changed how we offer our Signature Assessments at this time. Psychoeducational assessments for Learning Disabilities involve in-person testing. For the safety of all during COVID-19, we postponed in-person testing, beginning mid-March 2020, to observe physical distancing measures. But COVID-19 doesn’t stop your concerns about your child’s or teen’s learning. It doesn’t stop your concerns about your child’s or teen’s attention. And it certainly doesn’t stop your concerns about your child’s or teen’s mental health. And if you’re an adult in university or the workforce trying to maximize your performance, your concerns about learning and focus certainly don’t stop because of COVID-19.

So we’re not stopping either. In fact, on-line learning while schools are closed, and working remotely from home are presenting new challenges for anyone who struggles to focus and learn. So let’s get started so we can help!


Starting now we are implementing a new 3-Part Strategy for all of our Signature Assessments. Parts 1 and 2 can be done over secure video sessions from the comfort of your home. Part 3 involves in-person testing which will take place at our office once it is safe to do so. With this new 3-Part Strategy, some treatments can start after Part 2— before the coronavirus situation resolves—because COVID-19 shouldn’t stop you from receiving  the support and treatments you need. Here are more specifics:

PART 1: Attention and Mental Health Assessment over secure video sessions with Psychiatry and Psychology

In Part 1 of our 3-Part Strategy, we will focus on the ADHD and Mental Health portions of the assessment. At this stage,you or your family will have a Medical Intake appointment with the psychiatrist. You will discuss relevant history and share your concerns. You will also meet with the psychologist for a separate 1 hour session where helpful strategies will be discussed. 

You, or your child or teen, will also receive a testing appointment with the psychometrist where attention and other cognitive functions will be assessed over 1 to 2 hours. Basic academic skills will also be examined through a screening assessment.

PART 2: Medical Follow-up Appointment with Psychiatry to explore Treatment  

After these sessions,  you’ll receive a medical follow-up appointment with the psychiatrist. At that time, if appropriate, and if you wish to explore medication options if ADD/ADHD has been diagnosed, medication treatment can be started in collaboration with your family doctor or paediatrician.  

You might want to start additional therapies as well, recommended by the Multidisciplinary Team, like Executive Functioning Coaching for ADD/ADHD if on-line learning or remote work is difficult, or therapy for anxiety or depression. If the academic screening tasks show difficulties, academic  tutoring can also be started. All these interventions can be delivered through secure video sessions.

PART 3: In-person Psychoeducational Testing to complete the Signature Assessment after COVID-19

Most standardized tests involved in Learning Disability/Psychoeducational Assessments cannot be done remotely through video sessions. And, so, once the risk of COVID-19 subsides, we’ll resume the Psychoeducational Testing portion of your Signature Assessment to see if a Learning Disability exists. You will also meet with the psychologist at the end of this testing for feedback. At that time, more interventions to boost skills and accommodate any learning challenges will be discussed.

With this new 3-Part Strategy, you or your family don’t have to wait until the COVID-19 situation subsides to start treatment and improve success!


If you have already booked a Signature Assessment we will call you to book Part 1 of the assessment.

If you are thinking about a Signature Assessment with us, please contact our office for more information. 

If you have already started a Signature Assessment and it has been postponed we will review your file and determine if more information or testing is required to complete Part 1. We will contact you with updates about next steps.

COVID-19 has forced us to adapt. But in adapting, we have evolved. Let’s stay connected, together. 

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