17 Aug Single Session Therapy

What do you do when your child or teen is diagnosed with ADHD? One of the first steps you can take as a parent and family is getting an understanding about the disorder and working with an expert in the field to create a management plan. Single Session Therapy is a proven and effective approach that can provide you with a better understanding about ADHD and provide your child and your family a specific individualized action plan based on your specific needs. Our social worker will come to your home where you are most comfortable and familiar, and work with you to achieve a successful outcome.

Frequently asked questions about Single Session Therapy?

Where are Single Session Therapies held?
We find that Single Session Therapy is best done in your home, both for your convenience and maximal effectiveness. We know that appointments can be stressful for children and families. Working at home is familiar and comforting and gives our therapist the opportunity to work with the family in a friendly environment.

Why does the whole family need to be involved?
ADHD impacts the entire family unit. Marriages, sibling relationships and of course the parent-child relationships are often stressed and negatively affected. When the meeting starts with the entire family, members feel that everyone is important, everybody has a place to be heard and everybody has an opportunity to contribute to solutions.

Is the whole family present for the entire session?
As parents, we don’t always feel comfortable speaking about everything in front of our children. Our therapist will begin with the entire family and then may spend individual time with parents and the child. Each session is tailor-made to fit your family’s needs.

Can one session be effective?
Yes! Research has shown that Single Session Therapy is an effective and proven intervention. The therapist will identify strengths and introduce strategies to build on. Families will find that a roadmap empowers them to become successful! When needed, the therapist can suggest other resources and health care providers.

What if we’d like to continue working with the therapist on strengthening strategies?
If appropriate, our therapist can continue working with your family and child. Ongoing sessions for ADHD parenting techniques, individual counseling and support, and school consultations are just some of the possible options.

For more information and to find out if Single Session Therapy is right for you and your child please call 416-482-5558 or email

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