ADD and ADHD in College: Are You Ready?

With summer in full swing, you probably prefer to think about hitting the beach rather than hitting the books. Heading back to high school is one thing, but heading to college or university is something else entirely. Are you ready?

It’s exciting to think about new friends, new experiences, and new possibilities. There is so much to be positive about. Being optimistic helps you look forward and dream big! 

But your new Psych 101 professor will probably tell you this: the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour. So, if you’ve always left your assignments until the last minute, that’s probably going to happen when you hit campus, too. If you’ve lost your wallet, cell phone or keys over and over again, that’s probably going to happen at college, too. If you‘ve struggled to follow your high school teachers—because taking notes and listening at the same time seemed impossible—that’s probably going to happen at university, too. And university or college means new and tougher challenges will be thrown your way, as well. Bigger classes, more reading, more deadlines.

Okay. Enough said. You get the idea. If challenges at school are part of your past, they’ll probably be part of your future. And if you’ve struggled to take notes, stay on top of your work, and keep track of your wallet, you might have an Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD), too. 

That’s an important possibility to consider. Why? Because untreated Attention Deficit Disorders can cause post-secondary school failure and drop out—outcomes you probably want to avoid.

Here’s the good news. Attention Deficit Disorders are treatable. When treated successfully, your chances of succeeding in college or university can increase dramatically. And if you’re formally diagnosed with ADHD, you can receive accommodations at school, such as extra time on exams and access to a note taker in all your classes. Some colleges and universities also offer mentoring and coaching to help students meet deadlines and reach goals.

You deserve to succeed at school. But if there is any possibility that ADHD is heading to campus with you—and you haven’t been formally assessed, diagnosed and treated—then you are not as prepared as you could be.

At The Possibilities Clinic, we see children, adolescents and adults—and that includes young adults just starting school or well into their college or university programs. New frosh or fourth-year struggling to graduate? It’s never too late!

Our assessments involve a comprehensive evaluation with both a psychiatrist and psychologist, as well as formal computerized and impulsivity testing. Screening for potential Learning Disabilities, which often occur with Attention Deficit Disorders, is also part of our assessment. 

In the end, if ADHD is the appropriate diagnosis for you, you’ll receive a report outlining the diagnosis with a list of recommended accommodations. Share our report with your school’s Accessibility Services and you’ll be better prepared for campus life.

Call and speak with our Care Coordinator today. There’s still time to be prepared and dream big!

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