Assessment At Possibilities: The First Step Towards An Effective Treatment Plan

Our Team Approach

At the Possibilities Clinic, we know that diagnosing ADD and ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Tourette Syndrome and associated conditions must be done with care, expertise, and uncompromising attention to detail. An accurate diagnosis is the first step towards an effective treatment plan. That is why every assessment we do involves these essential components to support diagnostic accuracy and treatment:

  • A team of experts from different disciplines (e.g., psychiatry, pediatrics, psychology, occupational therapy, speech and language pathology)

  • Clinical interview sessions where we gather information about medical history and current functioning

  • Direct testing of attention, memory, learning, and associated cognitive skills with a psychometrist

  • A team meeting when experts involved in the assessment review the findings, make diagnostic decisions, and devise an individualized Treatment Plan

  • A feedback session where results and treatments are discussed with the patient and/or family

  • Integrated medication consultation sessions with experts on our Medical Team

We have different kinds of assessments for different needs. Here are some common questions, grouped into themes, and our answers to help you better explore your assessment options.

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