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Psychoeducational Assessment/Learning Disability Assessment
Struggling in School? Not reaching your full potential? 6 years of age or older?
Psychoeducational testing is ideal for children, adolescents and young adults looking to improve their school performance and address any learning issues they may be experiencing.  Obtaining psychoeducational testing entitles students with a Learning Disability to obtain school accommodations, support, and funding. In addition, the diagnosis of a Learning Disability enables our psychologists to provide effective treatment plans.
Psychoeducational assessments are extremely beneficial for students who have already been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. About 50% of children with ADD/ADHD also have a Learning Disability which often goes undiagnosed. The psychoeducational assessment will provide a 360-degree overview of your child’s learning abilities and ensure treatment success.


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Neuropsychology Assessments
Dealing with a medical condition that is affecting cognitive thinking and performance?
Neuropsychological assessments are a specialized form of psychoeducational testing that evaluate skills critical for learning through a brain-based lens. They are particularly appropriate when medical conditions are present—like premature birth, head injury or epilepsy—but can be helpful for any child when thinking about brain-based interventions to improve skills. Speak to us to determine whether your child requires standard psychoeducational testing or a specialized neuropsychological assessment.
Giftedness Assessment
Not being challenged in school and feeling bored?
Sometimes children and adolescents underperform because they are bored and feel unchallenged by the regular school curriculum. Placement in a giftedness program allows them to be challenged and reach their full potential. Giftedness assessments can determine if your child qualifies for specialized placements in schools and can also help with implementing helpful home strategies.
Psychological/Psychiatric Assessment
Struggling and not sure why? Looking to determine what type of therapy can help? Need a medication treatment plan?
Our psychologists and psychiatrists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of ADD/ADHD, Tourette Syndrome, OCD and Anxiety Disorders. They are also able to screen for the presence of Learning Disability and diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder. A psychological assessment can provide direction and choices as to what interventions, such as coaching, therapy, or further psychological assessments, best fits your child’s needs. If medication is thought to be a helpful option, our psychiatrists can discuss medication options with your family,and if we decide to try medication treatment, work with the family’s pediatrician or family physician to implement a treatment plan.
When medications are part of the treatment plan, having immediate access to in-house psychiatrists allows our psychologists and other non-medical staff to coordinate your child’s treatment in a collaborative manner.
Learning Disabilities Screening Assessment (LDSA)
Is your child struggling with math, reading or writing? Are you concerned that your child is falling behind in school?
The Learning Disabilities Screening Assessment (LDSA) uses screening (i.e. not diagnostic) assessments to investigate if your child is at risk for having a Learning Disability in reading, writing or mathematics. If your child is identified to be at risk for having a Learning Disability, then recommendations will be made to help the school develop an IEP (Individual Education Plan) and determine if more formal psychoeducational testing should be done. The LDSA may assist (but does not guarantee) your child in obtaining a psychoeducational assessment at school, or help you decide if you wish to pursue obtaining this outside the school system.
Consultations with our medical staff may be partially covered under OHIP.  Fees for psychometric materials apply to all services and are not covered by OHIP.  Appointments with our psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists  and speech language pathologists may be covered by private insurance plans.