Adult ADHD Coaching: Support through daily tasks and magnificent moonshots

Have you ever heard of moonshot thinking? It means thinking big, and then thinking even bigger than that! It means striving for the biggest goal imaginable, and going for it, even when your chances of making that goal happen seem very small. When President John F. Kennedy spoke to Congress on May 25, 1961, his words came to be known as the moonshot speech. He promised that the US would land astronauts on the moon within a decade; and that’s exactly what NASA did on July 16, 1969. At the time of the moonshot speech, American engineers weren’t even close to having the know-how, or the technology, to make a moon landing possible. But thinking big pushed the dream forward, making it real.

Moonshot thinking in ADHD

Moonshot thinking is exciting and inspiring. But it’s not easy thinking in moonshots, especially if ADHD is part of your life. Maybe you struggle to meet deadlines. Maybe you turn in work that is incomplete and dotted with errors you missed. Or maybe you’re exerting so much effort to meet deadlines that there is little time for anything else in your life. Without treatment, ADHD will remind you—again and again, day after day—of all the goals you can’t seem to accomplish without huge effort, frustration, or heartache. Coaching can be an effective therapy for individuals with ADHD who want to make goals happen—not just the daily tasks, but bigger moonshots, too. At Possibilities, we now offer ADHD Coaching across the lifespan.

Here are some common questions we are asked about our ADHD Adult Coaching Program, along with our answers.

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