FOCUS FORWARD 360: Our Multi-Expert Attention Assessment for Children, Teens, and Adults

Have you ever wondered if you or a member of your family has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)? People with ADD and ADHD share a common story; they are smart and have goals and dreams. They can all focus—on some tasks for a very long time, very intensely. But they struggle to regulate their focus, which means their attention isn’t something they can count on consistently. Beyond these similarities, stories diverge. Some individuals aren’t doing as well as they could be at school or work, missing deadlines and struggling to start and finish tasks. Other individuals do well at school and work, but they are frustrated by needing to exert tremendous effort over long hours to succeed. Individuals with attention challenges might be described as “unmotivated” or “lazy”—descriptions you know are unfair and untrue. Others are doubted—their long hours of hyperfocus, intelligence, and commitment to work tasks are seen as proof that they don’t have an attention problem. But, in fact, they may have inconsistent focus that requires treatment.

Whether it’s unfair comments, or unfair assumptions, being misunderstood is hurtful and unhelpful. But what can you do? It’s important to figure out whether ADD or ADHD can explain the challenges you are seeing, especially since treatments for ADD and ADHD can be incredibly effective. Help is available, and science shows that specific treatments can make a big difference!

Here are questions we hear often about our Focus Forward 360 Assessment, along with our answers.

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