Kid ADHD Coaching


Kids’ lives are busy. There is so much to do! Some tasks are fun—and some aren’t so fun. It’s easy convincing kids to spend time doing what they love. It’s not so easy convincing them to make time for the tough stuff. Young, developing  brains can help explain this challenge. The brain’s prefrontal cortex is designed to help the brain step back, figure out what work needs to be done, devise an effective plan, and stay focussed through the process. The prefrontal cortex helps settle emotions, too, when frustrations start ramping up during challenging work. But the prefrontal cortex takes a long time to develop. In fact, it’s still developing in young adults! That means it’s hard for kids to see what steps are needed to work through problems, and to persist, especially if problems are tough. If ADHD is in the mix, the brain has an even harder time solving problems systematically, and keeping big frustrations in check. Coaching offers effective support for kids who need to get work done, but who struggle to start, persist, and finish tasks they find challenging. At Possibilities, we offer ADHD Coaching for children, teens, and adults. Our Coaching program for kids uses an approach called Doodle! Do! Done!

Here are some common questions we are asked about our Kid ADHD Coaching Program, along with our answers.

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