As humans grow, change is the one thing that stays the same. Toddlers transition to Kindergarten, teens transition to high school, young adults transition to college, and adults transition to careers, retirement, and reinvention. Transitions are opportunities for your students to become more of who we are, and to redefine our potential. Our experts will support you and your students in achieving victories in their own transitions—victories that become stepping stones for new achievements and adventures.

ADD/ADHD Assessments

We know that diagnosing ADD and ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Tourette Syndrome and associated conditions must be done with care, expertise, and uncompromising attention to detail. An accurate diagnosis is the first step towards an effective treatment plan. That is why every assessment we do involves these essential components to support diagnostic accuracy and treatment success: A team of experts from different disciplines, clinical interview sessions where we gather information about medical history and current functioning, direct testing of cognitive skills with a psychometrist, an integrated assessment meeting to review the findings, an individualized treatment plan and feedback sessions to review results with our clients.

Academic Intervention

Rewire 4 Reading is an intervention program that exercises brain circuits for reading in children and teens with learning difficulties. Just like exercise, repeated practice can improve your child’s reading speed and accuracy. Our clinic books a minimum of 2 appointments per week since reading research shows that intensive, regular practice—without too much space between appointments—is key for building skills that stick. We also book sessions in a set of blocks to ensure your child’s time with the tutor is constant over several weeks to support and strengthen gains.

Teen ADHD Coaching

Teen ADHD Coaching is an innovative and structured approach that is effective for managing ADD/ADHD symptoms that are interfering with your teen’s success. Our coaches are licensed health professionals with expertise in attention and skills called executive functions. Working collaboratively with your teen, the ADHD Coach will help identify key goals your teen wants or needs to achieve.

Kid ADHD Coaching

Kid ADHD Coaching is a structured approach that is effective for managing ADD/ADHD symptoms that are interfering with your child’s success.  At Possibilities, we’ve created an innovative format for our young clients called  Doodle! Do! Done! In this format, your child can doodle goals, strategies, and plans that are developed with the coach. Children who would rather speak than draw can devise plans with the coach through conversations.

What is a Psychoeducational Assessment?

People with learning differences share a common story; they are bright and curious, but they aren’t doing as well as expected academically. A Psychoeducational Assessment looks for the underlying cause. It examines brain functioning in many areas: memory, processing speed, academic abilities, visual and verbal problem-solving skills, and expression of ideas. Once strengths and problem areas are identified, our team can recommend targeted and scientifically supported treatments.

In Ontario, Psychoeducational Assessments for Learning Disabilities must be overseen by a neuropsychologist, clinical psychologist, school psychologist, or psychological associate. At Possibilities, we have psychologists in all these specialty areas to match your needs. We provide assessment services for children, adolescents and adults. French psychoeducational services are available for children and adolescents.

At Possibilities, we approach Psychoeducational Assessments and Learning Disability assessments from a unique team perspective. That means we involve both psychology and medical experts in every single Learning Disability assessment that we do. A team approach—where MD expertise is added to psychology—makes our assessments of Learning Disabilities unique. Beyond cognitive and learning issues that are typically the focus of Psychoeducational Assessments, our team expertise allows for a comprehensive examination of a full range of abilities—from Attention Deficit Disorders like ADD and ADHD to mental health concerns like anxiety, depression and Tourette Syndrome.
Since we examine learning in a much broader context with added medical expertise, we do not call our offerings “Psych-ed” or “Psychoeducational” Assessments. We call them Signature Assessments. Think of what we offer as Psych-Ed/MD Assessments—a combination of psychology and medical expertise to ensure that nothing gets missed. Another unique feature of our Signature Assessments is that we offer them from the safety and comfort of your home through secure video connection. Ask our Care Coordinators whether this Telemedicine Signature Assessment is right for you.

Learning differences rarely appear alone. If a Learning Disability such as Dyslexia exists, there is a very high chance that ADD or ADHD is also in the mix. And when ADD or ADHD is present, mental health challenges, like anxiety, might be in the mix, too. Strategies focused only on learning won’t be that effective if attention and mental health issues are also present and not addressed. Medical and psychological treatments may be necessary—in addition to educational interventions for learning difficulties—to ensure wellness in a full range of functioning.

Research shows that early assessment and treatment result in better learning and mental health outcomes. If you have concerns about your child’s learning at the end of Grade 1 and into Grade 2, consider a psychoeducational assessment at that time. Research shows that evidence-based treatments can overcome Dyslexia when delivered early.
However, it’s never too late! Interventions for learning challenges continue to be effective in high school, university, and into adulthood.
Yes! Amazing change can happen with the right treatment at the right time. But recommendations can’t be general or vague. Recommendations must be targeted, specific, personalized and supported by science. At Possibilities, everything we do is data driven, from the results we receive from your Signature Assessment to what brain science tells us will improve skills.
Accommodations work around challenges, but evidence-based treatments can change the brain in fundamental ways. We’ll make recommendations for accommodations because they will always be important and helpful. But evidence-based treatments exist that can change brain circuits in remarkable ways and we offer these treatments at Possibilities.
With the right treatment at the right time, brains with Dyslexia can become reading brains; we’ve seen it at Possibilities in countless clients. Parents often say it’s a miracle but we say, “it’s neuroscience!”
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