Our Signature Assessment: A Comprehensive Psychoeducational Assessment of Learning, Attention, and Mental Health from a Multi-expert Team

If you or your child is struggling at school, a Learning Disability might be the reason. How do you know for sure? A comprehensive Psychoeducational Assessment from the Possibilities Clinic—called a Signature Assessment—can help you figure that out. Our Telemedicine Assessment services extend from Toronto to Ottawa, Hamilton to London, Oakville to Kingston, Oshawa to Thunder Bay, Kitchener-Waterloo to Windsor, and any other location in Ontario! So you can access our comprehensive Signature Assessment—and our multi-expert team that examines learning, attention, and mental health as part of the assessment—without coming to our central office in Toronto.

Here are questions we are asked often about our Psychoeducational Assessment, called a Signature Assessment, along with our answers.

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