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Occupational Therapy

At Possibilities Clinic, we offer Occupational Therapy Services to children, teens, and adults. Occupational Therapists can provide helpful support to individuals across the lifespans as part of an integrated Treatment Plan. Here are some questions we are asked about Occupational Therapy, and about our OT services, along with our responses.

Occupational Therapy (OT) helps individuals across ages strengthen or recover skills needed to engage as fully as possible in all aspects of daily life. Occupational Therapists (OTs) view “occupation” as anything and everything that all of us do while striving to participate in life effectively and joyfully. For children, their main occupations are growing, playing, learning, and socializing. OTs work with families to help children make meaningful gains in these key developmental areas. For adults, occupations include participating effectively in jobs, relationships, and self-care, so OT support might revolve around work, family, and health. 

Our OTs offer consultation and therapy support to individuals with neurodevelopmental differences, like ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities, Global Developmental Delays, Tourette Syndrome, and Intellectual Disabilities, and to the families, parents, and adults who love and support our clients. Some examples of how our OTs collaborate with clients and their families include supporting academic performance, enhancing independence (in self-care, school, work and leisure activities), developing and strengthening skills, and providing resources and education.

Consultation and therapy for kids, teens, adults, and parents can focus on key areas such as:

  • Attention/Memory
  • Impulsivity
  • Executive Functioning (e.g., time management, getting started on tasks, and getting work completed)
  • Emotion and Self-Regulation
  • Sensory Processing 
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills
  • Printing Legibility
  • Social Skills
  • Organizational Skills

Ultimately, though, the specific goals our Occupational Therapists work on depend on the goals of our clients.

Every individual with neurodevelopmental differences has unique strengths, goals, and areas needing support. Our Occupational Therapists work collaboratively with clients and their families to create customized Treatment Plans that address specific needs and objectives. Goals are determined through an initial OT Assessment. These goals are then used to devise a Treatment Plan, crafted collaboratively with our clients, with personalized targets and recommendations. Throughout the treatment process, our OTs work closely with clients and their families to monitor progress, adjust goals as needed, and provide ongoing support and education.

Some treatment might take place in-clinic, or through virtual meetings where suggestions for home or work activities are made. Our OTs can also consult with schools and employers on your behalf and with your consent. If the therapy is virtual, it’s important that clients be in a private space when they work with the OT to keep therapy goals focussed and to protect client confidentiality.

At Possibilities, we offer a comprehensive approach to assessments and treatments with a Multidisciplinary Team. This means that clinicians and therapists work together with the common goal of providing a Comprehensive Care Plan that works for each of our clients. If clinicians at the Possibilities Clinic see that you or your child could benefit from Occupational Therapy, then we will propose you meet with our Occupational Therapist for 6 OT appointments, including an initial assessment, at $180/session. Please note that you do not need to be a current client of the Possibilities Clinic to receive OT services from us. New clients are welcome to request an OT Assessment as well. All new clients must first be assessed by our Occupational Therapist in order to start receiving our Occupational Therapy services.

Yes. You may certainly continue working with the Occupational Therapist beyond the first set of six sessions, depending on your needs and the number of goals you wish to address and accomplish.

No, you do not need a doctor’s referral to be seen by an Occupational Therapist at Possibilities. If the OT suggests that further investigation of possible diagnoses like ADHD, Autism, or Learning Disabilities is required, a doctor’s referral would be needed if you choose to investigate further with specialized, comprehensive assessments at our clinic. For OT services only, you can get started by completing our Registration Form.

Only physician services are covered by OHIP, so OT services are not covered by OHIP at our clinic. However, please check with your insurance provider, if applicable, since OT services may be covered by your insurance benefits.

For more information about our OT Services, please contact us at info@possibilitiesclinic.com or call 1-833-482-5558. 

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