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Rewire 4 Math

Does your child or adolescent struggle with math? Have these struggles persisted for a long time? Research shows that difficulties with early math skills—even in preschool and Kindergarten—can predict math difficulties in later grades. And because math follows a “spiral curriculum” where early concepts are the foundation for later concepts, early gaps can lead to bigger gaps, making math a daunting and overwhelming experience for those who struggle.

Students who find math frustrating typically have challenges in other areas, including difficulties with attention, working memory, visual-spatial reasoning, reading, and writing. So students formally diagnosed with ADHD and/or Learning Disabilities in reading and writing are likely to find math tough, too.

How can math skills be supported when your child is falling behind? A structured and sequential teaching approach is key so concepts and procedures are mastered before moving onto more complex skills. This approach—with lots of built-in practice—ensures a solid foundation is in place to support learning of more advanced concepts.

At Possibilities, we offer math support for children and teens through our Rewire 4 Math program. Here are questions we are asked about  program, along with our answers.

Rewire 4 Math includes a number of programming options to support your child’s math skills. Scientifically supported and structured interventions like Connecting Math Concepts and Essentials of Algebra are offered within Rewire 4 Math. These programs, from the Direct Instruction curriculum, have been shown to enhance the math skills of students who struggle. By providing clear structure, explicit explanations, and plenty of opportunities for practice and feedback, they help students build foundational skills, promoting mathematical proficiency and confidence.

Math is a cumulative subject where concepts build upon each other over time. That means that gaps that exist early on can grow much bigger as your child grows, too. We’ll start with a Placement Test to reveal what gaps are making math work challenging. Then we’ll offer targeted, structured support. Your child will advance through the program when specific skills are solidified through instruction, feedback, and practice.

Two core programs form the foundation of our Rewire 4 Math intervention. Connecting Math Concepts is a six-level program designed to introduce and consolidate skills considered foundational for Kindergarten through Grade 5. Topics include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Essentials for Algebra is designed for students in middle school or high school who are at risk of failing to meet graduation requirements in math. Students learn about exponents, rate equations, signed-number multiplication, geometry, function tables, fractions, story problems and other topics. Practice is an important component of both programs so students achieve understanding and mastery. Additional math supports are offered and tailored through Rewire 4 Reading based on your child’s needs.

No. If your child is struggling with math at any level, we recommend starting math intervention as soon as possible. You do not need a diagnosis of any kind to enroll your child in Rewire 4 Math. Typically intervention that is started sooner is more effective than intervention that is started later, before gaps grow. Psychoeducational and ADHD Assessments remain very helpful for figuring out why your child is struggling at school, however, and for creating an Integrated Treatment Plan. Attention, working memory, and visual spatial skills are all involved in math skills, so learning more about functioning in these areas with an assessment can be helpful. If you’re interested in a comprehensive diagnostic assessment at Possibilities, you may read more about our psychoeducational assessment, called a Signature Assessment, and our ADHD assessment, called Focus Forward 360, on our website.

No. Small gaps early on can grow into bigger gaps. So giving your child’s math skills a boost with intervention can help prevent gaps from growing. If you’re not sure if your child needs support, please enquire about Rewire 4 Math at Possibilities. In the first appointment, we’ll investigate current math skills to see if your child fits into the math programs we offer. If your child’s math skills are at grade level and no concerns are apparent, then no math intervention will be needed.

Yes! You are welcome to receive academic intervention at Possibilities after receiving intervention elsewhere. We will require some background information to get us started, including a copy of the Psychoeducational Assessment report, to help us formulate a personalized Treatment Plan for math moving forward.

Yes! Our math interventions can be offered over secure video sessions.

Research shows that intensive reading programs work best when they are delivered frequently and consistently. When there are long-standing learning difficulties, despite extra help at school, the brain needs more input to see patterns that can help it perform better academically. Our math intervention program requires at least two sessions every week.

A 50-minute session costs $140 with psychological supervision and $120 without supervision. Please check with your insurance provider to see if this cost for academic intervention might be covered.

Yes. Our central office is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. However, we offer our academic interventions to clients across Canada and the United States through secure video sessions.

Provincial health plans like OHIP do not cover educational treatments. Academic interventions may be covered by private insurance plans. If psychology oversight is required for insurance coverage, a psychologist with expertise in learning can collaborate with your child’s tutor in developing and overseeing the Academic Intervention Plan. Rewire 4 Math is available across the United States and Canada. Since psychologists involved in the program are licensed in Ontario, our psychology oversight option is only available to families physically residing in Ontario during the tutoring sessions.

For more information about Rewire 4 Math, please contact us at info@possibilitiesclinic.com or call 1-833-482-5558.

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