Dr. Almagor in the Media

News18 – March 2023
Persons With ADHD Can Have Full and Satisfying Life; Psychosocial Treatment, Support Can Make Difference
Tech Times – May 2020
A recent study shows, British people spend 34 years on screen; 13 hours/day on gaming during lockdown.
Now Toronto – May 2020
How much screen time is too much – for children and adults? We are literally left to our own devices in self-isolation – and simply switching off screens isn’t an option.
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National Post – December 2019

Chronicling the lifelong journey of people with ADHD:
At least 60% of children who are diagnosed with ADHD, continue to experience symptoms as adults.
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Global News – August 2019
ADHD in adults can be life-threatening when left untreated: experts
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Today’s Parent
What to do when your family doesn’t accept your kid’s special needs
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The Globe and Mail article
Prescriptions for stimulants such as Ritalin, Adderall rising in Ontario, particularly for teen boys: report
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Today’s Parent- August 2017
When your kid has ADHD and you do too
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Huffington Post Canada- May 2017 (Written by Dr. Almagor)
Spinning Fidget Toys Have Some ADHD Experts Reeling
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Today’s Parent – May 2017
Why teachers hate fidget toys
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Global News – May 2016
Cases of ADHD diagnosed in adulthood are on the rise, study suggests
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Toronto Star – May 2016
Are Canadians overmedicating children with ADHD?
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Jewish Independent – April 2016
Diagnosing, treating ADHD
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The Current CBC Radio – March 2016
ADHD in girls often misdiagnosed, leading to mental health issues in adulthood
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The Huffington Post Canada – February 2016
ADHD Symptoms: This Disorder Can Look Very Different In Girls
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Toronto Star – December 2015
At 28, he’s an adult with ADHD
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Today’s Parent. – October 2015
The problem with ADHD
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Dr. Miles in the Media

San Francisco Book Review – March 2017
Review of King Calm: Mindful Gorilla in the City
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School Library Journal – Feb 2017
Hearts and Minds: Picture books that strengthen social emotional learning
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Mom’s Radius – December 2016
Kid Lit: Princess Penelopea Hates Peas
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Mom’s Radius – November 2016
Kid Lit: Cinderstella
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Children’s Books Heal – November 2016
Move Your Mood!
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