ADHD and You!
A Skills Group for Adults with ADHD

For Adults ages 18 to 55 years

Start date: Tuesday May 7, 2024

Individuals with ADHD possess intelligence, goals, and dreams like anyone else, and they are capable of intense focus on certain tasks. However, the challenge lies in regulating this focus consistently. Research shows that skills-based ADHD groups can be incredibly effective and make a difference! Our group “ADHD and You!” will help you understand how ADHD is affecting you, show you strategies to function with ADHD, and give you the chance to meet others with similar experiences of Adult ADHD.

Each 90-minute session is run by Belsky Ng, Registered Occupational Therapist, and Dr. Juliana Tobon, Clinical Psychologist or Dr. Doug Schmidt, Registered Psychologist. Topics include:

Session 1: Understanding ADHD and How It Affects You

Session 2: Sleep and Self-Care

Session 3: Executive Functioning

Session 4: (Hyper) Focus

Session 5: Time Management and Memory

Session 6: Emotion Regulation

Session 7: ADHD and Relationships

Session 8: The Bigger Picture


Belsky Ng, Registered Occupational Therapist
Dr. Juliana Tobon, Registered Psychologist
Dr. Doug Schmidt, Registered Psychologist

Please note: To participate in the group, you must be located in Ontario.

For: Adults with ADHD, ages 18 to 55 years
When: Weekly for 8 weeks starting Tuesday May 7, 2024
Time: 5pm – 6:30pm, ET
Virtual Event
Cost: $950*
Space is Limited

To Register contact us at
Deadline to register is Tuesday April 30, 2024.

*Some insurance providers may cover groups through psychology insurance coverage. Please check with your insurance provider.
*No refunds 1 week prior to the start of the group. Payment is due April 30, 2024.