College & University ADHD Coaching

COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY ADHD COACHING: Supporting academic success and mental health from registration to graduation

Heading off to college or university is an exciting time in life—a time of new challenges, new freedoms, and new friends. But it’s not an easy time. Being a young adult embarking on something totally unfamiliar means big expectations and responsibilities. It’s hard meeting new demands while moving from adolescence to adulthood; it’s even harder when ADHD is in the mix. Coaching can be an effective therapy for young adults with ADHD who are struggling with daily goals at home and school, and who want to make their dreams happen, too. At Possibilities, we now offer ADHD Coaching throughout post-secondary school—from registration to graduation—to ensure that students stay on track, meet school deadlines, maintain healthy lifestyles, enjoy positive mental health,  and are supported every step of the way as they navigate expectations throughout their school years

Here are some common questions we are asked about our College & University ADHD Coaching Program, along with our answers.

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