Change is Possible
We believe that change is possible. Every child has potential. Sam can’t read. Sam can’t read – YET. There’s a big difference in those two statements. Our goal is to work with you to boost potential. Let’s move from can’t to YET because every child deserves a future filled with possibilities.
It Takes A Team
Change is possible when families and dedicated professionals work together. We are Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Coaches and Therapists committed to boosting potential through a range of treatments. A team is essential, with you and your family being the most important members.
Age Matters
Toddlers, children and teens require approaches and treatment plans that are customized to their age and stage. Our experts have extensive experience across a wide range of ages – from preschoolers to young adults entering college and university.
Success needs Science
You want to help your child. You’ve probably looked online, in books, in magazines and in newspapers to find answers. Friends and other parents also offer advice, even if you haven’t asked! But how do you know what to do? We believe that successful solutions need science. Our interventions are supported by extensive scientific research.
Success needs Expertise
Our experts are highly specialized in their training and clinical expertise. We focus on specific issues such as ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Tic Disorders, and that’s all we do. We are specialists, not generalists. That distinction is important because your child’s potential can’t wait. General treatments for specific disorders don’t deliver results in a timely manner – and they may not deliver results at all. We provide specific treatments proven effective for our clients. Let’s start working together now!