Autism meets Siri – and the result will make you smile.

27 Oct Autism meets Siri – and the result will make you smile.

If you didn’t love Siri before you may just fall for her now. Siri, for those of you who don’t own know, is the helpful built-in artificial intelligence that comes as part of the Apple OS on iPhones and iPad everywhere. She speaks 9 languages (so far) and is called upon often by people like me to find out about the weather, to check when I have to be at the dentist and to locate the nearest Starbucks is.

But I have to admit – after reading this article from the New York Times – I may be greatly underestimating Siri’s power. Dr. Almagor asked me to post a link to this article in advance of an article we are working on reviewing the apps that available to help in the treatment and education of kids with autism spectrum disorders and ADHD.

It’s the story about when Autism meets Siri, and how technology is encouraging a 13-year old boy to connect in ways his mother never dreamed of…

Enjoy… and thanks to Gus’ Mom, Judith Newman for sharing.

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