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At Possibilities we provide Comprehensive Assessments as well as treatments for autistic individuals across the lifespan who are seeking to celebrate their strengths, embrace their passions, and enhance their daily functioning and mental health. Have you ever wondered if your child, teen, adult partneror you, yourself—has a brain style difference associated with unique strengths and ways of engaging in the world that require support? If you’ve wondered if that difference might be Autism, we can help. 

Here are answers to questions we are often asked about our Autism services at the Possibilities Clinic.

Autism is a neurobiological brain difference. Thousands of scientific studies have shown brain style differences in autistic individuals when it comes to responding to sensory information, communicating with and without spoken language, expressing emotional responses, and forming and sustaining social relationships. Autism can look different in different people. For some, strengths and challenges may be very apparent. For others, brain style differences may not be easily detected. Some individuals work hard to mask their preferred ways of respondingeither consciously or unconsciously—in efforts to “fit in” in a neurotypical world that expects them to act differently. Research shows that autistic individuals who work hard to “mask” their authentic selves can suffer from significant mental health challenges. Working hard to be someone you’re not can be exhausting and distressing.

This assessment will help determine whether you, your child, or another family member you care about has Autism. Knowing if Autism is present is an important first step in determining how to live authentically with tailored supports. An official diagnosis of Autism can also mean obtaining helpful accommodations at school and work. For some individuals with significant needs that limit functioning, financial support through government agencies may also be available with an official diagnosis.

We offer a Comprehensive Autism Assessment at Possibilities for children, teens, and adults. The exact components of our assessments—and the time it takes to complete them—vary depending on the age and needs of our clients. To start the assessment, a Physician at Possibilities takes a detailed medical and developmental history to investigate strengths and needs in multiple areas of functioning. Questionnaire responses, from people you give us permission to contact like teachers or partners, help offer more information about needs in different settings and situations. 

Further testing and interviewing involves a Psychologist. This portion of the assessment includes comprehensive, well-researched measures for identifying behaviours and preferences consistent with Autism like the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition (ADOS-2) or the Monteiro Interview Guidelines for Diagnosing the Autism Spectrum, Second Edition (MIGDAS-2). 

Once strengths and differences that require support are identified, our team will recommend targeted and scientifically supported treatments. This information is shared with you in a Feedback Session with the Psychologist.

Diagnosing Autism must be done with care and expertise because functioning falls along a very broad continuum. No two autistic individuals are alike, and symptoms that look like Autism might not be. At Possibilities, we approach assessments from a team perspective. That means we involve experts from multiple health fields—like medicine and psychology—in our assessments. A team approach to Autism, where psychology is added to an initial Physician assessment, makes our approach comprehensive and unique. Having multiple experts on the assessment team also means that a full range of abilities can be examined in-depth, from language development and social skills to behaviour styles and emotion regulation. Bottom line: Autism cannot be diagnosed accurately with a simple checklist in 15 minutes.

Early intervention always works best. However, it’s never too late to ignite new possibilities. We’ve seen countless families who are seeking an Autism Assessment for their children and teens, well beyond the preschool years. We’ve seen adults wondering about Autism in themselves for the very first time, too. At any age, improved outcomes can happen with the right diagnosis and a tailored Treatment Plan. At Possibilities, we offer our Comprehensive Autism Assessment to toddlers as young as 18 months and to teens and adults at any age.

Yes. Providing effective support requires knowledge of the latest science in the field of Autism, as well as experience and expertise. There are many therapy options out there. Yes, but treatment recommendations cannot be general, and they cannot be vague. Recommendations must be targeted, specific, and supported by science. And they must be personalized for you. For preschoolers, we might recommend ABA Therapy, Speech-Language Therapy, or Occupational Therapy to address challenges communicating or regulating emotions and behaviours. For older students, we might recommend social-skills groups or therapy addressing emotions like anxiety. For adults we might recommend Executive Functioning or Career Coaching in addition to therapy.

Research shows that neurodevelopmental conditions like Autism rarely occur alone. So when Autism is diagnosed, it’s possible that another condition like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), or a mental health condition like anxiety or depression could also be in the mix. As part of our Comprehension Autism Assessment, we’ll screen for other possible conditions to ensure our diagnoses and treatments are comprehensive. In some cases, anxiety or depression could be diagnosed as part of the Autism Assessment. If there are questions that ADHD or a Learning Disability might be present, we’ll suggest additional comprehensive assessments for further investigation, like our Focus Forward 360 ADHD Assessment or our Signature Assessment that examines intellectual (IQ) and academic functioning in addition to focus and mental health.

The cost for our Comprehensive Autism Assessment is $3000. Private insurance plans may cover this fee. Please check with your insurance provider, if applicable.

Our assessments are available over Telemedicine throughout Ontario. With this option, we can see people from the safety and comfort of their homes. We’ve found that clients are often more comfortable and less anxious in their own surroundings. For some children, teens and adults, we may recommend in-person testing in our Toronto office.
At this time, all of our clinicians are licensed to see people in Ontario only. Hence, you must be physically present in Ontario, even for our virtual appointments. We may be able to change this arrangement in the future, so stay tuned!
Yes. A physician is involved in all of our assessments, so a doctor’s referral is required.

Please fill out our Registration Form. Once we have this form and the physician referral, a Care Team member will call you to set up an appointment.

For any questions, email us at [email protected] or call 1-833-482-5558 to speak with a member of the Care Team.

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