11 Nov Girls and ADHD – It’s not just a “guy” thing!

Hey there… things are getting busy at Possibilities so this is just a quick post to share some interesting findings about girls and ADD and ADHD. You know that “myth” about Attention Deficit Disorders being a “guy” thing seems to have consequences when it comes to diagnosing attention issues in our girls.

Seems that almost 50 percent of the moms of tween girls with ADD and ADHD asked thought their daughters’ were just going through normal “teen struggles.” and 59% “reported that they initially hesitated to seek help from a doctor for their daughter.”

Dr. Patricia Quinn, developmental pediatrician, ADD and ADHD researcher and the author suggests that “Symptoms of ADHD may not be as noticeable in girls because girls are more likely than boys to display inattentiveness rather than the hyperactivity and impulsivity most people associate with the disorder. All too often their mothers and fathers chalk it up to age and stage in development,”

What do you think? Do we tend to chalk up symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorders in girls as “a phase”?

Check out the whole article here.