Clinic Manager

Job Type
Full-time, Permanent

Our Clinic and Culture

The Possibilities Clinic offers evidence-based medical, coaching, and therapy services to individuals across the lifespan. We are specialists—not generalists—with expertise in ADHD and disorders that often coexist with attention differences like Tourette Syndrome, Anxiety Disorders, and Learning Disabilities. We strive to create exciting, inspiring, and sustainable possibilities for our clients. We don’t focus on plans to “just get by” or to build skills that are “just good enough.” We leverage science and expertise to secure victories as challenges and opportunities arise across the lifespan. When we do that, we move our clients closer to potential—and we help increase that potential, too.

Our clinic thrives through these core cultural values that embrace science and build empathy in the workplace:

  1.  Change is possible
  2.  We are always “becoming”
  3.  Success requires a team
  4.  Diversity and inclusion strengthen our team and services
  5.  Science with empathy creates meaningful synergy


To read more about our philosophy, please visit our website:

This Clinic Manager position is a rewarding opportunity for a detail-oriented and caring leader to empower our team, our patients, and our clinicians. Our team works through a hybrid model with video and some in-person sessions.


Your Role

As Clinic Manager, you will hold an important position that is integral to our current functioning and inspired growth. You will help ensure that our vision is well-translated across all stakeholder experiences for both patients and employees. You will manage the relevant leads across our Care Team, HR, Billing, and Clinical Teams. Where necessary, you will manage escalations and identify supports and resources to optimize processes as a trusted advocate for Clinic employees.

Along with the Director of Programme Development and Innovation, you will be responsible for leading our employee experience process and supporting the strengths of our clinic culture. We are a diverse, active, and social team. You will support our commitment to creating opportunities that connect team members through daily interactions, “water-cooler” moments, and opportunities to highlight and support employee interests and strengths. You will be integral in addressing our ever-expanding recruitment needs. You believe in finding the best talent, at all levels of the clinic, to help our patient-centric organization thrive. Our ideal Clinic Manager is enthusiastic, inspiring, and committed to helping our team grow and succeed. 

As a proactive change agent, advocate, mediator, and cheerleader for our clinic and team, you will support 3 key pillars at Possibilities: Clinic Processes, Human Resources Processes, and Employee and Clinician Engagement. If you are a catalyst for positive change, and strive to share your vision, energy, and strengths with a collaborative team excited about creating possibilities, please consider joining the Possibilities Team!


Your Responsibilities


  • Managing Clinic Process:
    1. Care Team Manager support: You will oversee the Care Team Manager and any response to escalations, advocate for stakeholders, and help problem-solve to support employees and patients.
    2. In-Clinic Coordination and Billing Coordination: You will support process coordination with respect to service delivery, billing, and response to escalations. 
    3. Project Management support: You will oversee multiple projects across teams and departments, ensuring efficiency and integration across deliverables.

  • Human Resources Process:
    1. Manage the HR Coordinator: You will support tracking all recruitment efforts and candidates. You will lead recruitment efforts as needed, and provide support to ensure all contractual processes are being followed (RRSP, Health Insurance, payroll, etc.). Where needed, you will offer support to draft and finalize contracts. 
    2. Develop, optimize, and manage HR processes across the organization: You will help optimize our Employee Review Process with all supervisors, and help manage its implementation annually, including onboarding and creating systems for securing essential supportive documentation..
    3. Ensure adherence to standards: You will support adherence to government standards for health and privacy across all clinic activities. You will help to maintain exemplary employment practices in accordance with the clinic’s external HR services. You will also support adherence to health, safety and privacy policies, standards, and procedures.


  • Employee and Clinician Engagement: 
    1. Build supportive relationships: You will help build and maintain supportive relationships with clinicians and manage clinician enquiries. You will ensure clinician schedules and staff requirements are supported when client bookings are made.
    2. Strengthen and develop employee experience and diversity programs: You will help anchor clinic culture, social events, staff retreats, internal mental health and wellness efforts, and other related activities to support staff retention.
    3. Serve as the point of contact: You will support clinician and employee needs, questions, and escalations responses.


Qualifications and Skills You Require

  • This is a hybrid role, meaning duties are completed partly in-person at our Toronto office 
  • BA level degree in social work, business administration, or a healthcare-oriented relevant degree
  • 8 to 10 years of team management and leadership experience with a diverse talent base
  • Leadership and relationship management experience with clinicians
  • Certification in Occupational Health and Safety management and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion preferable
  • Experienced with multiple interview and selection processes for recruitment, while setting the vision for future recruitment processes
  • Experience in team management, employee engagement programs, and employee retention
  • Skilled in creating systems and processes that optimize workflow for clinicians and outcomes for patients
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with strong mathematical skills and financial acumen
  • Self-motivated and able to make critical decisions within an interdisciplinary team setting
  • Knowledge of Canadian healthcare policies, legislation, and billing systems (e.g., OHIP and College regulations for healthcare professionals)
  • Background in managing talent and recruitment for clinics and/or growing an entrepreneurial organization
  • Technologically skilled with Electronic Medical Record systems, expert usage of Google and Word programs, Project management and CRM software



  • Competitive salary
  • RRSP / DPSP (full-time)
  • Health and Dental Benefits (full-time)
  • Professional Development Fund (full-time)
  • Collaborative Environment
  • Flexible Hours
  • Staff Retreats
  • Clinic Socials
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Annual salary to be determined based on previous experience  


COVID-19 Considerations

  • As a healthcare facility, our program follows up-to-date safety guidance from governmental and healthcare associations
  • Applicants must be fully vaccinated


If you are interested in exploring possibilities, please send an updated CV along with a cover letter outlining your interests to