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ADD/ADHD Assessments Across Ontario For Children, Teens And Adults Through Secure Video Connections

We are in the midst of an evolving COVID-19 situation. These are extraordinary times of uncertainty and concern. Physical distancing is the new reality, but that does not change our commitment to you and your family. Now, more than ever, focused attention for work and on-line learning at home is critical for success. We are still here for you. In fact, most of our medical, assessment and treatment services are now being offered through secure video sessions. Here, we describe our Comprehensive ADD/ADHD Assessments for children, teens and adults, also available over video. As long as you reside in Ontario, we can offer our medical and mental health expertise through Telemedicine. All you will need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet access.
You can find detailed information about our ADD/ADHD assessments here. However, you may have some specific questions about the video option. Here are some common questions and our responses: Did this video option for ADD/ADHD just become available when COVID-19 became a concern? No. Before COVID-19 required social distancing, our team recognized the need for comprehensive assessments of ADD and ADHD in places across Ontario, not just in the Greater Toronto Area. We’ve worked with clients in Ottawa, Oakville, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, North Bay—anywhere in Ontario with an Internet connection. So we are well experienced with remote video options for a variety of services, including assessments and therapy. Does the video option give access to all the components of an in-person assessment?   Yes. Like our in-person Comprehensive ADD/ADHD Assessment, the video option includes access to a Multidisciplinary Team specializing in neuropsychiatry and psychology. That means—just like our in-person assessments—you will meet a psychiatrist, psychometrist and psychologist, in separate sessions, for a comprehensive evaluation. You will also answer standardized questionnaires about attention, mental health, and functioning—about you or your child, depending on who is being assessed—all through a secure online portal. Direct testing of cognitive functions like focus and mentally manipulating information (a skill called working memory) will also be tested through video and on-line testing links with a psychometrist. Are video assessments of ADD/ADHD just as accurate as in-person assessments? Yes. When it comes to ADD/ADHD assessments, we are committed to an extremely comprehensive approach. Our assessments involve sessions with multidisciplinary experts. Our psychiatrists have expertise in medication treatment for ADD/ADHD, and our psychologists and psychological associates have expertise in direct testing of cognitive functions, including sustained and divided attention, that are important indicators of attention difficulties. As mental health professionals in psychology and psychiatry, we also have combined expertise in the detection and diagnosis of ADD/ADHD and comorbid disorders that can go along with attention challenges, like anxiety and depression. Our unique team approach—along with direct testing of attention—supports the accuracy of our diagnosis. Our commitment to a thorough evaluation, and the accuracy of our diagnoses, doesn’t change whether we see you or your child in person, or over video sessions. What if there are additional concerns about Learning Disabilities? Can psychoeducational testing be done remotely too? Yes. We now offer psychoeducational testing across Ontario through secure video. Our Telemedicine Signature Assessment includes testing for Learning Differences, ADD/ADHD and mental health. Can medication treatment be started if ADD/ADHD is diagnosed, even without an in-person assessment? Yes. The psychiatrist can initiate medication treatment based on the findings of the assessment done through Telemedicine. Follow-up assessments are done in collaboration with your family doctor. How do I book an assessment? First, a referral from your doctor is required. Once a referral is received, our office will call you for a series of video appointments.

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