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New Location. New Look. New Services. New Outreach.

There are new developments at the Possibilities Clinic, and we’re excited to tell you about them!


We’ve moved to 1920 Yonge Street, Suite 200. That’s just south of our previous location. Our new office building has convenient, indoor access to the Davisville subway. 

Patients have appreciated attending appointments through secure video sessions over the past year. We’ll offer Telemedicine sessions into the future, even after COVID-19. These sessions are convenient for our clients, and allow our clinicians to assess and treat with accuracy. Video sessions have also made it possible for patients across Ontario to seek our specialized services without needing to travel to Toronto. 

If a visit requires an in-person appointment for a specific reason, it will happen at our new office. In-person visits will occur only if it is deemed safe to do so by our clinicians offering the appointment. At the current time, all appointments will remain virtual over Telemedicine. 


Our logo has changed, too! Do you see ripples radiating from the letter o? Throw a small stone in a still lake and you’ll achieve the same effect. Possibilities—for you or your child—are like ripples. They expand, multiply and radiate with one single action. Every day, our Multidisciplinary Team sees clients who have taken one brave step. They have asked questions. They have requested an assessment. They have committed to coaching. They have started treatment. And from single actions come new skills, new possibilities, and bigger dreams, starting now and expanding into the future.


As our expert Clinical Team grows, the types of services we offer continue to grow, too! Now we offer expanded ADHD Coaching services and Speech and Language Assessments. Our website will feature additional services that are coming soon. 


There are new developments in our outreach, too. We are now seeing patients of all ages—children, teens and adults—all across Ontario. And just announced in September 2020, the inaugural Possibilities Clinic Assessment Award! This award will be given annually to 3 students who are unable to afford a psychoeducational assessment privately due to financial hardship while waiting for publicly-funded testing. Eligible students are nominated jointly by principals and social workers in publicly-funded schools. The entire cost of an assessment is covered by the award. Winners of the 2020/2021 Award have been chosen. Look to our website for updates on future application deadlines.


As always, we continue to admire your dedication, courage and striving for exciting possibilities. Thank you for growing with us. We appreciate being part of your meaningful success stories. 

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