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Taming Your Child’s Tantrums: Why Tantrums Happen and How You Can Help

When it comes to most things, knowledge is power. This applies to handling challenging situations with our children, such as tantrums and big emotions. We want to empower parents and caregivers to be better equipped to respond to their children’s tantrums. Learning about why tantrums occur and what practical skills can help us as parents as well as our children has so many advantages including an improvement in parent-child relationship, improved self-regulation and problem-solving skills in our children, and even a reduction in parent stress! Two of our child and adolescent psychologists, Dr. Jill Shuster and Dr. McKenzie Vanderloon (Supervised Practice) are hosting a two-evening workshop in May. Please keep reading to learn all about the workshop and how you can join!

Two Night Workshop
For Parents of kids ages 3 -12 years

When: Tuesday, May 11 and 18, 2021, 7:30 – 8:00 pm
Where: Virtually through Zoom
Cost: $150 per parent(s)
Register at workshop@possibilitiesclinic.com
Space is limited to 25 participants to allow for questions and discussion

Dr. Jill Shuster and Dr. McKenzie Vanderloon will explain why kids have tantrums, how you can become a better predictor of tantrum triggers, how to navigate the Tantrum Cycle, and ways you and your child can achieve calm after distress.

Register by April 25 for discount price of $130

  • Week 1:  Tuesday, May 11, 2021, 7-8:30 pm
    • Why kids have tantrums
    • What is happening in the brain when tantrums occur and what the behaviour is telling you
    • What your child’s brain needs from you to cope better with big feelings
    • The best time to problem-solve and teach new coping skills
  • Week 2:  Tuesday, May 18, 2021, 7-8:30 pm
    • Concrete steps to follow during tantrums to help ease your child into calm
    • How to prepare your child for challenging situations
    • Practical strategies to help children understand big emotions and coping skills
    • How to teach your child to take on challenges and cope with big emotions

Dr. Jill Shuster is a clinical and school psychologist at the Possibilities Clinic and at the Toronto DIstrict School Board. She is also the mother of two young children. Just like everyone, Dr. Shuster can feel frustrated and upset at times. Her top strategies for coping with big feelings are going for long nature walks (yes, she returns home…) and giving or getting big hugs. Dr. Shuster loves working with children and parents to help them find their own favourite strategies for resilience that build on strengths. Dr. Shuster has given lectures and workshops to parents and teachers in school and community settings. She looks forward to your questions, experiences, and insights in this interactive workshop.

Dr. McKenzie Vanderloon is a clinical and school psychologist in supervised practice at the Possibilities Clinic. She works with children, teens, and parents to figure out how they can feel their best at home and school. In the last few months, Dr. Vanderloon successfully completed her PhD program in Clinical Psychology at the University of Western Ontario. In the last few weeks, she wrote a very tough exam as part of her continued professional training. Dr. Vanderloon embraces challenges and keeps running towards new ones—especially ones that are hard! When she is feeling overwhelmed, she spends time with her dogs and reminds herself that emotions are like waves—they come and go. Being resilient—for big dreams and daily tasks—means learning how to surf!

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