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Ms. Sarah Khedr

Psychometry Technician

Sarah Khedr (She/Her) is a graduate of the University of Toronto, with an Honours Science degree specialized in Psychology. Her journey in the realm of psychology has fueled a deep passion for enhancing mental health services, advocating for a blend of empathy and scientific understanding.

With a background in healthcare software, Sarah has played a pivotal role in advancing mental health accessibility through her technological expertise. Fueled by a mission to eradicate the stigma surrounding neurodivergence, Sarah is committed to creating a world where everyone, regardless of their mental health profile, is embraced and supported. She firmly believes that empathy, coupled with scientific insights, is the key to fostering genuine understanding and progress in mental health services.

Outside of work, Sarah finds joy and relaxation in spending quality time with her newest companion – a lively Cavapoo puppy. Additionally, she channels her creativity and passion for good food through the art of cooking.


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