Helping to Maximize Success in Children, Teens and Adults
Is your ADD/ADHD treatment doing enough?
If you or your child has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, have you ever wondered whether the treatments you are receiving now are producing the best results? Would therapies like coaching or tutoring bring additional success? Would a change in medication or a different dosage work better? Is there anything more you can do for yourself or your child to improve functioning, focus, confidence and happiness? If you have these questions, our Specialist ADD/ADHD Treatment Optimization Service might be right for you.
Who is eligible for this service?
A previous diagnosis of ADHD is required, with documentation of that diagnosis from a previous Psychoeducational Assessment done at any time in the past, in order to be eligible. Our Specialist Multidisciplinary Team will do additional testing as part of this service, since questions about optimization—when it comes to assessing responsiveness to behavioural therapies and treatments like medication—require our own, very focused and specialized testing.
What if you or your child has just received an assessment elsewhere and the psychologist sent you to Possibilities for medication? Would you still need more testing?
Yes, you would still need to do the testing. We are a highly specialized Multidisciplinary Team of psychiatrists, psychologists and psychometrists with expertise in ADD and ADHD. We practise an integrated approach to maximizing functioning in ADD/ADHD and know that treatment optimization means more than medication. It means considering treatments from various perspectives and thinking about what combination of treatments would work best to boost functioning. So we do our own testing and clinical interview, and a comprehensive review of previous documentation and reports, to gather as much in-depth information as we can about how ADD/ADHD is currently affecting your success or the success of your child.

    Do you need our service if you are interested in medication for ADD/ADHD?
    No, maybe not. If you feel you have enough information right now—like the diagnosis from a Psychoeducational Assessment where medication has been recommended for ADD or ADHD—then make an appointment with your family doctor or child’s pediatrician. Family doctors and pediatricians can certainly prescribe medications based on the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD on the Psychoeducational report. Working with your doctor, without an additional specialized service, may be all you need.
    What if your family doctor or child’s paediatrician acknowledges challenges with ADHD, but it not comfortable prescribing medications for it?
    Treating ADD or ADHD with medications is complicated. Not all doctors feel comfortable prescribing these medications  and would prefer to work collaboratively with a specialist. If your family doctor or paediatrician would prefer to work with a Multidisciplinary Team with expertise in ADD/ADHD, then your physician may suggest our service. As part of this service, we would consider all specialized treatments—both medical and non-medical—and make recommendations about what combination of treatments might work best for you or your child. Our physicians on the Treatment Optimization Team would also make medication recommendations and work collaboratively with your doctor to ensure the right medication at the right dosing for maximum effect.
    What if you or your child has been diagnosed previously with ADHD after testing at our clinic? Is this service required to optimize treatments further?
    If you have been diagnosed with ADHD previously at the Possibilities Clinic through our Comprehensive ADD/ADHD Diagnostic Assessment, then you know that our team recommends a combination of the most appropriate treatments right away, so you or your child can start experiencing success shortly after the diagnosis has been made. If that treatment combination includes medication, then our physicians work collaboratively with your own doctor or pediatrician to determine the right medication at the right dose. That collaboration continues with your doctor for up to 2 years as part of the Comprehensive ADD/ADHD Diagnostic Assessment that you received from us to ensure treatment is optimized.
    What if you or your child had a Comprehensive ADD/ADHD Diagnostic Assessment more than 2 years ago?
    A lot can change in 2 years. If you return to us for further treatment optimization after 2 years, you are eligible to do so through this Treatment Optimization Service. Retesting through this service gives our specialists new, up-to-date information on how you or your child is functioning currently. This update is necessary, so we can better determine how treatments need to be adjusted to continue maximizing success.
    Why is this service so important?
    Science shows that ADD and ADHD are treatable. And when treated effectively, the health, success—and even the life expectancy—of individuals living with Attention Deficit Disorders improves dramatically. But finding the most effective treatment isn’t a one-shot deal. Life changes, expectations increase over time, and unexpected circumstances get thrown in the mix. If ADHD treatments aren’t optimized at different points in time, successes in life won’t be optimized either.
    How can ADD/ADHD treatment be optimized?
    The gold standard for ADD/ADHD treatment is combined therapy. Medication can’t optimize functioning on its own—and it will be tough for other, non-medical treatments to support functioning without optimizing brain functioning, too. Our Treatment Optimization Team will help you determine the combination of treatments that is right for you or your child. At Possibilities we offer medication consultation, and non-medication therapies too, including ADHD Coaching for children and adults, specialized tutoring, and individual and family therapies for anxiety and mood issues that often go hand-in-hand with ADHD.
    What happens in this service?
    The consultation consists of several sessions. First, attention testing will be done with a psychometrist under the supervision of a psychologist. Standardized questionnaires will also be administered to assess current cognitive and attention functioning. This testing session is done over a secure video session.

    A psychiatrist and psychologist then review all of the test and questionnaire findings, and review all background documentation provided, including the Psychoeducational Assessment report and previous report cards. Based on this review, they then consider all treatment options—and the combination of those options—to determine how best to optimize functioning for you or your child. 

    If the psychiatrist decides that a specific medication treatment at a specific dose is optimal, this information will be relayed to you and to your doctor. The psychiatrist and the physicians on our team will work collaboratively with your physician for up to two years to support optimal functioning around medication. 

    We will also make recommendations at the end of the Treatment Optimization Assessment about other treatments— like therapy, coaching or tutoring—since combined treatments work best, tailored specifically for you or your child based on our findings. Our recommendations will be written in a report that you and your family physician or pediatrician will receive.

    At the end of this process, you will meet with the psychiatrist who will explain the findings and our suggestions for boosting success. This session will again be done over secure video, from the safety, convenience and privacy of your home.

    If your family doctor or paediatrician has already prescribed a certain medication at a certain dose, why change it?
    Nothing in life stays the same. Brains grow. Bodies change. Demands change, too. Kids are expected to do more at school, to organize themselves at university, and to work independently at a job. And in COVID-19, we are all being asked to change how we do things in ways we never imagined. ADD/ADHD is a moving target, too. It’s affected by all the factors around it—including demands to work or learn from home. That means medications always need to be tailored to the current situation to ensure best results. There are always new medications for ADHD coming out, too. You or your child might benefit from learning about new and improved possibilities.
    If you’ve already been diagnosed with ADHD -or your child has- and medication was never tried, can you still sign up for a consultation and get started on medication?
    Yes! If you provide us with documentation of a diagnosis—like a Psychoeducational Assessment where ADHD was diagnosed at any time in the past—this consultation can help you take the next step. If you’ve already been diagnosed by specialists at our clinic more than 2 years ago, then this option is also suitable if you want us to look at current functioning and optimize treatments with updated information and testing.
    What if you think ADD or ADHD might explain the challenges you’re having-or the challenges you’re seeing with your child-but you’ve never considered testing?
    In this case, this consultation is not right for you. Diagnosing ADD or ADHD is complicated, and we want to make sure we get it right. I’m sure you want that, too! So we offer a Comprehensive ADD/ADHD Diagnostic Assessment with a Multidisciplinary Team. Our team assessment includes direct testing of attention and cognitive functioning with a psychometrist, as well as assessment sessions with clinicians from psychiatry and psychology.
    How much does this consultation cost?
    The cost for our Specialist ADD/ADHD Treatment Optimization consultation is $1100. This amount covers psychological and psychometric services, as well as testing material costs, which are not covered by OHIP. This cost  may be covered by private insurance plans. Post-secondary students may be eligible for an OSAP bursary.

    If you don’t live in the Greater Toronto Area, do you need to come into the city for the appointments?
    No. All our appointments can be conducted throughout Ontario over secure video sessions. We can also conduct direct testing of attention and cognitive functioning over the internet. If you have a computer and a high-speed internet connection, all your appointments and testing can be done from the safety, comfort, and privacy of your home. Our clinic has worked with clients from all over Ontario—Kingston to Windsor, Oakville to London, Waterloo to Ottawa, North Bay to Thunder Bay—anywhere with an Internet connection.

    If you don’t live in Ontario, can you still receive this service?
    Unfortunately, at this time, all our physicians and psychologists are only licensed to see people within Ontario. We may be able to change this in the future, so stay tuned!

    Do you need a doctor’s referral to start the assessment?
    Yes. A specialized physician is involved in all of our assessments, so a doctor’s referral is required. If you are unable to access your physician during COVID-19, please contact our office for possible options.

    How do you get started?
    Fill out the intake forms on our website at https://possibilitiesclinic.com/age-3-17/ for children and https://possibilitiesclinic.com/age-18/for adults. Once we have this form and the physician referral , our office will call you to set up an appointment.

    For any questions, email us at info@possibilitiesclinic.com or call 1-833-482-5558 to speak to one of our Care Coordinators.