In recognition of ADHD Awareness Month, Possibilities Clinic collaborates with Samsung Canada

In recognition of ADHD Awareness Month this October, the Possibilities Clinic team is excited to announce our collaboration with Samsung Canada to develop a resource hub highlighting ways SmartThings and connected technology can support Canadians with ADHD.

At the Possibilities Clinic, expert members from multiple disciplines, including medicine, psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, social work, occupational therapy, education and business leadership, work together with clients to build exciting possibilities. We provide a wide range of Assessments and treatment options for individuals across the lifespan living with ADHD. Our Coaching team can help individuals with ADHD move forward, bringing them closer to their goals and dreams. Coaching is effective in ADHD because clinicians help clients tackle goals systematically by identifying concrete steps, estimating more objectively how long steps are going to take, brainstorming strategies, and checking in regularly to see what worked and what didn’t.

The SmartThings x ADHD resource hub outlines key moments throughout the day for Yasmin, a mom of 2 and a business owner, living with ADHD, as she navigates her day utilizing SmartThings to help integrate information, finish tasks, get inspired, plan meals for her family and lean into her nighttime routine to ensure that she has a restful night. Click here to go to the hub.

“At Samsung, supporting mental health is a key area of focus,” said Jihoon Lee, President and CEO, Samsung Canada. “We are incredibly proud to partner with the Possibilities Clinic for ADHD Awareness Month and help bring to life even more ways that innovative technology can help Canadians with ADHD enhance their well-being.”

“Possibilities Clinic is pleased to have aligned with Samsung’s SmartThings platform for ADHD Awareness Month in October to help highlight how integrated technology can assist and inspire individuals with ADHD, from completing daily tasks to capturing creative ideas and increasing quality time with family,” said Dr. Doron Almagor, Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist and the Director of Possibilities Clinic.

Click here to learn more about our assessments and treatments for children, teens and adults. To learn more about SmartThings, please click here.

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