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Ms. Monika Janus

Doctoral Psychology Intern

Monika Janus is a Doctoral Intern at Possibilities who is currently completing her PhD in Clinical-Developmental Psychology at York University. For several years, Monika has worked with children, adolescents, and families in schools, hospitals, community practice, and private practice settings. She is committed to offering client-centered and evidence-based care that is strengths-based and that recognizes the importance of seeing the whole individual across development. Central to Monika’s practice is her devotion to fostering a safe and validating space where children and adolescents with diverse learning and socioemotional needs can feel accepted and empowered to achieve meaningful goals. At Possibilities, Monika provides comprehensive ADHD and Signature Assessments, as well as ADHD Coaching for children and teens. In our ADHD Kid Coaching program, Monika enjoys the unique format with young clients–doodling the steps needed to complete tasks in blank comic books to help keep those steps in mind and bigger goals on track!


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