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Ms. Nancy Mauro

Direct Instruction

Nancy Mauro is an Ontario Certified Teacher (OTC). She has a specialization in Special Education—an area she has loved from the very beginning of her teaching career. Nancy has helped to write IEP goals, and implement effective strategies to address them, while collaborating with teachers and parents to support student success. Through years of teaching in public and private schools, and tutoring students one-on-one, Nancy has come to know this: all students have a genuine desire to learn and succeed. Nancy is delighted when students enjoy the process of learning, and when they celebrate meaningful accomplishments. Gains in reading are particularly gratifying for Nancy. She knows that interventions must be systematic, comprehensive, and well-matched to student strengths and needs—while also having a strong track record of results based on scientific evidence. Nancy is excited to offer evidence-based reading interventions with Direct Instruction (DI) curricula as part of the Rewire for Reading program at Possibilities. She works hardand with great enthusiasm—helping students build magnificent reading brains!


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