Newton, A Beloved Therapy Dog and Companion

It is with great sadness that we share with you the passing of Newton, our beloved therapy dog at Possibilities. It has been said that dogs possess the very best qualities that humans aspire to achieve: kindness, gratitude, unwavering loyalty, unconditional companionship, and the remarkable ability to be mindfully present every day. Newton demonstrated all of these qualities and more. 

Newton was a gentle dog who sat with Dr. Doron Almagor, his owner and our Clinic’s Founder, for each and every appointment with clients at Possibilities. Some met Newton in person, others saw him on video. In person, Newton remained steadfast, waiting quietly and patiently for clients to approach him. He never bounded forward or jumped unexpectedly. Instinctively, he knew that some visitors would be uncertain and others would be excited. On video sessions, Newton lay quietly in the background, always present in solidarity and support. It’s not surprising to any of us at Possibilities that Newton was the one comfort that clients remembered consistently. With his characteristic patience, Newton invited people to come to him in the way they needed to connect—in a way that felt safe.

Newton was wise, and we would do well as humans to take note. In a classic children’s story a young boy asks his animal friends three important questions: “When is the best time to do things?”, “Who is the most important one?” and “What is the right thing to do?” Newton’s presence at Possibilities—calm, constant, and unconditional—provides the answers to these questions that are also echoed in the story. There is only one important time, and that time is now. The most important one is always the one who is with you. And the most important thing to do is good for the one by your side. Newton knew what was most important. He respected all who sat by him, stood beside him, and walked with him. He also understood that the bravest word anyone can ever utter is “help.” That wisdom made him an important part of our therapy team.

Like all of us, Newton experienced changes that come with growing up. But he never lost his youthful excitement, his insatiable curiosity, and his boundless joy.

Today we remember Newton, and we feel grateful. May we continue to dwell in his example by walking with a bounce in our step, venturing forward despite our fear of falling, and chasing our wildest dreams because things that seem just out of reach are always worth fetching.

He will be missed.

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